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Apply for access to the Norwegian population register
Apply for access to the Norwegian population register

How to apply for access to population registration information in Norway.

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To receive an access permit to the Norwegian National Register (Skatteetaten's register), the Tax Administration has a simple solution where you apply directly on their website.
This requires that you have a Norwegian company.

Step 1

Find out what data you need:

Permit application. The tax authorities have a number of access groups that you choose according to what kind of industry/company you represent.

Start choosing the correct data-package for what you need:

Step 2

Apply for access in the Altinn-system by clicking on the button that says "Søk tilgang til folkeregisteropplysninger":

Step 3

Once permission has been granted, your company must delegate us (Roaring Norway AS) permission to make requests in the national register on behalf of the company. This is done in Altinn.

Read more about how to delegate the right to us here.

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