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What information on persons is available in Roaring?
What information on persons is available in Roaring?

In SPAR there are different levels of authorisation, below you can see which are available for your organisation.

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Basic Level of Authorisation

The basic level is available to most organisations. This is mainly information on name, personal and co-ordination number, address, sex and date of birth.


Information about spouse/partner or legal guardian are provided to authorities, banks, insurance companies investment funds among others.


Organisations authorised to see data on nationality data are CSN, Bolagsverket, Polismyndigheten, Säkerhetspolisen och Tullverket.

Place of Birth, Income and Real Estate Holding

Contains information about place of birth, taxed income and capital and information about real estate in terms of family housing units. Authorisation is provided to the Police authority, Säkerhetspolisen and Tullverket.

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