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VAT numbers in Roaring
VAT numbers in Roaring

Read more about how to fetch VAT numbers through Roaring in the following article.

Updated over a week ago

As things stand today, we do not present VAT numbers in any of our API's. However, you will find it relatively easy to fetch them by using data in our company information API's for all countries available.

In Sweden, the format for VAT numbers is "SE”+“Company ID”+“01". So for instance in Roarings case, our VAT number is SE559067261301.

The Danish format is the country code attached to the Company ID, "DK+Company ID". For instance DK61144422.

In Finland we attach the country code to the Company ID in order to fetch the VAT number , FI+Company ID, for instance FI9788833.

The Norwegian VAT numbers have the format "Company ID + MVA". For instance 999888777MVA.

In Spain the VAT number contains the NIF number (Spanish company ID) and ES. The format is "ES + Company ID", for instance ESA07264537.

If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to contact us at [email protected]!

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