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Manage your Plans in Roaring
Manage your Plans in Roaring

You are now able to smoothly choose your own Plan that suits your needs! Read more in the article below.

Updated over a week ago

Roaring is now releasing its new service Plans that will enable you as a customer to pick the subscription that fits your needs. This also means a few changes in our way of working and presenting of pricing and packages.

Smoother onboarding

When onboarding as a new customer, you will be able to choose exactly what you need and are interested in directly in our web app. This means smoother onboarding and a wider range of possibilities in the process of becoming a client.

Manage your Plans

Manage your subscription directly in the service and upgrade if necessary. When having reached a certain limit you will be able to smoothly upgrade to the package that suits your needs.

There will also be a more clear distinction between Roaring Web and Integration Suite which will reflect in both Plans and your invoice.

New user handling based on roles

We have now adapted pricing to a new model based on roles instead of users. This means that there are some changes to consider when it comes to adding new users. Read more in this article.

As usual you will be able to reach us on our chat or by emailing us on [email protected] 😊

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