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Manage roles in Roaring
Manage roles in Roaring

Read the article below in order to gather knowledge about new roles in Roaring and how to use them.

Updated over a week ago

As Roaring is making steps forward we are now introducing our new service Plans, which will enable you to manage your subscriptions in a smooth fashion.

This also means that we are moving on to a new way of handling users.


Previously, an Admin role would mean that you get access to everything our service has to offer. This is not the case anymore as we now distinguish this role as solely an administrative user. This means that you as an Admin user will not be able to make calls in our service anymore but will be able to manage for instance users, groups and settings.

If you wish to add a new user with the previous Admin role, you will need to add the user as an Admin + Production developer + Web user.


Production developer: As a Production dev-user, you have access to the API-documentation, the sandbox-environment for test-data, and the production-environment for real data.

Sandbox-developer: As a Sandbox dev-user, you have access to the API-documentation and the sandbox-environment for test-data. Here you can test the data to see how it would look in your set-up. All calls in the test environment are free of charge.


As a Web-user, you have full access to the web-tool and all the services the account has permission to.

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