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How does your Rating and Credit Limit work?
How does your Rating and Credit Limit work?

Read more on how your Rating and Credit Limit work.

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Our service provides the rating points and a credit limit of a company.

Rating and Credit Limit

Our service for Rating and Credit Limit API provides the following answers.

  1. The rating points of a company ranges between 0 - 100

  2. Rating class in text within five different intervals.

  3. Credit limit, which is a benchmark.


High score - low risk

The scoring models have an assessment scale of 1-100, divided into five risk intervals, where each increased score (points) means reduced risk. The rating forecasts the probability of insolvency within 12 months.

Companies with low risk of insolvency are categorized into high rating and companies with high risk receive a lower rating.

Rating range Designation

Rating, Risk

80 - 100, Very low risk

60 - 79, Low risk

40 - 59, Average risk

5 - 39, High risk

1 - 14, Very high risk


The limit is a benchmark that calculates the total outstanding credit amount that a company may have outstanding to all suppliers at one point in time. The limit is calculated on the basis of the company's turnover depending on the rating interval.

  • 80-100, The limit is a maximum of 6% of sales.

  • 60-79, the limit is a maximum of 5% of sales.

  • 40-59, the limit is a maximum of 4% of sales.

  • 15-39, the limit is max. 0.4% of sales.

Which limit is obtained

  • Max limit for limited companies: 500 000 KSEK

  • Start-up companies with a score above 40: 25 KSEK

  • Companies without their own turnover are given no limit

  • For all companies with scores below 15, no limit is given

No rating can be displayed

In some cases no rating can be given e.g.

  • Bankruptcy / Bankruptcy application

  • Reconstruction

  • Foreclosure

  • Financial statements missing

  • Not an active company

  • Missing for this type of company (for example Nonprofits and Banking Companies)» No risk assessment for this company (eg conflicting data in the information)

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