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Access to information through Roaring
Access to information through Roaring

Sometimes, you need help from us or your Administrator in order to get access to certain information.

Updated over a week ago

If you receive a box stating you do not have the permission to access this information, it can depend on a few things.

When it comes to certain permissions as for instance PEP, credit rating or access to population registers it can mean that you/Admin at your company needs to apply for permission through Roaring. This is something that we need to help you out with. You can contact us on our chat or on [email protected].

Another reason can be more user-specific. If you get a message stating your user does not have access or if a sent link simply does not work; contact the administrator at your company in order to give you the proper access.

Your administrator can control the permissions of users in your account, by following the steps in this guide.

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