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PEP- and sanction calls in Roaring Web
PEP- and sanction calls in Roaring Web

Read more about how it works when we check for PEP and sanctions in Roaring Web.

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Board members and beneficial owners
You can screen board members and (alternative) beneficial owners on company level for PEP and sanctions. This is easily done by doing a search for the company in our search field and thereafter click on the 'Board members' or 'Beneficial owners' tab.

After you have clicked on one of these options (or even both) you can click on the button called 'Screen PEP & Sanction':

Here you choose either all, or at least one of the alternatives above and screen board members or beneficial owners for PEP and/or sanctions.

For Sweden, we search with a complete social security number in order to find a person and check her/him for PEP and/or sanctions.

In other countries, we match full name and date of birth or in some cases personal number as well. This means that if you receive a hit for PEP person outside Sweden, a further manual check should be done to ensure that it is about the right person.

Global search
Read more in this article about global PEP- and sanctions search on person level.

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