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Get going with Roaring's Partner API
Get going with Roaring's Partner API

Read more in this article about how to implement a partner API and create sub-accounts.

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Roaring's partnership program is designed for those who want to build value-creating solutions that drive growth. You have the possibility to offer high quality data through smart technical solutions to all your clients.

There are several ways to accomplish this, both manually and through an automated process by using our Partner API. The latter is the way we will be covering in this article.

After having been in touch with us and your account has been converted from a regular to a partner account, you can start the following step by step process.

1. Log on to and check if you are able to see and access the following screen showing the Partner API keys:

* If the Partner API is not visible in the sidebar, contact us at [email protected] and we will activate the service for you.

2. Get going for real by reading the Partner API guide

In the article we describe how to fetch tokens that you will be able to use for the creation of sub-accounts for your clients.

3. Start using the Partner API keys in order to create sub-accounts.

Go back to the Partner API keys screen in order to fetch the partner integration keys you will use when creating and managing your customers sub-accounts.

After being authorized using your partner account integration keys you can manage the sub accounts connected to your account. To fetch the list of sub-accounts connected to your partner account, use the following URL.

In the response from the above call you get a list of possible actions, which in this case contains a create link with a json schema for how that json message for the create POST should look. This is following the HATEOAS REST API architecture. The POST endpoint for creating a sub-account is as returned from the above call:

To fetch keys from a specific org (sub account) which is connected to your partner account the URL is:<SUB_ACCOUNT_ORG_ID>/keys

4. Use the sub-account keys when calling on behalf of your customer

You can now fetch the separate API keys for each sub-account with the Partner API keys. These keys should then be used to call Roarings API's from your system on behalf of your customer.

We hope that the documentation above helps you to get going with the Partner API and creating sub-accounts. If not, give us a heads-up through our chat or by emailing [email protected].

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