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Partner account

Partner account Create "sub-accounts" for your own customers manually or with API. This is how it works.

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As a partner of Roaring, there is an opportunity to create yourself, so-called sub-accounts for your customers.

To access the partner API, you need a partner agreement with us and a registered partner account.

Read more about our partner program here.

API keys

API keys are used to access our partner API.


Our documentation is to be found here when logged in to
Some shortened information regarding integrating to our partner API is to be found here.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us through our chat or [email protected].

Create sub-account manually

As an alternative to creating a sub-account via API, it is also possible to log in manually to your partner account.

How to use. Go to Admin on the menu to the left and select the "Sub Accounts" tab. Click on the green icon with the plus sign and go through the steps that follows.

On each registered sub-account you can now:

  • Retrieve the sub-account's specific API keys

  • See consumption

  • Edit contact information

  • Close sub-accounts

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