To receive an access permit to the Norwegian National Register (Skatteetaten's register), the Tax Administration has a simple solution where you apply directly on their website.
This requires that you have a Norwegian company.

Step 1

Permit application. The tax authorities have 5 access groups that you choose according to what kind of industry/company you represent.

If you are, for example, a private business, you follow the link below:

Step 2

Once permission has been granted, your company must give us (Roaring Apps) permission to make requests in the national register on behalf of the company. This is done in Altinn.

In Altinn you enter Roaring's organizational id 823 694 512. Search for "Population Register" under "which access you want to provide" - and choose the right access group according to your company.

We must also have a copy of your permit, email us at

The link below will lead you to instructions on how to delegate:

NOTE! We at Roaring are not notified when the permit for the delegation has been approved, so we must be informed by you when this is done.

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