Selection of roles

Heads of state and government

  • Ministers, vice ministers and deputy ministers
  • Members of parliament
  • Members of national and supranational parliaments

Senior judges

  • National Supreme courts – National Supreme administrative courts - the European Court of Human Rights - European Court of Justice – The ECJ tribunal

High ranking officers of the armed forces

  • Brigadier-Generals / Flotilla admirals and higher military ranks

Ambassadors and Heads of diplomatic missions

  • Nordic ambassadors to foreign states as well as consuls general.
  • Foreign states’ ambassadors in the Nordic countries.

Senior officials at the audit authorities

  • Heads and department heads of National Audit Authorities

Members of central banks governing bodies

  • Members of the executive and supervisory boards of central banks

Members of state-owned companies’ governing, executive and controlling bodies

  • Members of the board (including alternates) and CEO’s of companies that are directly owned by one of the Nordic states

International organizations

  • Executives officers and members of governing bodies in intergovernmental organizations (eg. The UN and the UN's subsidiary bodies, the World Bank, the IMF, the Council of Europe, the Nordic Council, OSCE, Interpol, Europol, etc.)

Board members of political parties

  • Board members of political parties represented in a national or supranational parliament

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