With our monitoring service, you choose which information you want to monitor. As soon as a change occurs in your customer data, a notification will be sent to you so that you can update that piece of information in your CRM, register or database. It's basically a subscription to any change that occurs in a certain data set.

A big advantage of Webhook monitoring is that you do not have to hand over your customer register to third parties. This makes it more secure and faster to keep your customer register updated with correct data.


The gif below show changes from our various datasets being pushed out with the help of Webhooks, so that you can easily receive them and update your customer register for example.

How it works

As soon as a change occurs in the source data, a notification is sent to you that a change has taken place. You/your system choose whether you want to receive the change data, based on wether this change is connected to a customer in your database or not.

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