New demands are placed on Companies, Authorites and other organisations which collect personal information. If a company is exposed to a serious data breach or in some other way looses control over personal information, a report must be filed which informs the persons affected and Datainspektionen. An incident can be considered serious if the information leaked can lead to people being harassed, discriminated, or exposed to id-theft, fraud or financial loss.

If a company has intentions to handle personal information in a way which may pose large integrity risks, the company must first make an evaluation of the consequences of the planned handling in regards to the protection of personal information, a so called consequence analysis regarding data protection.

This is how Roaring can help you

By collecting the information with Roaring Person API you assure that you have control over the identities you save in your registries. If the accident occurs and you're exposed to a breach you can swiftly update the information and contact the exposed persons. This way you abide to the demands of being able to inform the affected parties.

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