At Roaring we help our customers simplify their on-boarding flows and processes. One example is how customers can register simply buy providing their personal ID and then name and address is filled in automatically.

There are however some regulations one has to abide by. E.g. It is not allowed to have an open webform on the internet where any person can enter a personal ID number and have the name and address information displayed.

TIP! Do like this instead:

Instead of displaying the name and address information in its entirety you can mask it to the user. Although the information is masked the user is able to determine if the information is their own. E.g. for name and address: A** E*****, S******** 17, lgh ****, **121 E*********

Use the collected information to verify what the user has entered. E.g. The user enters a personal ID number and first name. Now you're able to verify, in the background, if data entered by the user matches the fetched data. This adds an extra layer of security as you can verify that the persons registering are who they say they are.

Check out our flowcharts for how to build world-class onboarding processes

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