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🎉 New service in Roaring Web - Company risk evaluation
🎉 New service in Roaring Web - Company risk evaluation

We are happy to introduce the first report in Roaring Web. Read more in the article below.

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With this brand new report you will be able to, with one click, screen your (potential) client or supplier. This will enable you to analyse the company yourself by having a look at the data presented to you in a compact view. No more need for clicking on each dataset you wish to see, as we are providing you with a risk evaluation of the company in question, based on advanced logic.

Click on the button "create report" in order to get access to the service

The view that you will see will include the following datasets:

  • Company information - General company information including status

  • Legal information - See if the company or representatives occur in legal documents.

  • Sanction lists - Screening against UN, EU, OFAC, OFSI (UK), SECO (Switzerland)

  • Financial information - Overview of financial information

  • Company Activity - What the company’s main and secondary activity is

  • Signing combinations - Persons that are legally authorized to sign on behalf of the company and in what combinations

  • Board members - All board members for a company

  • Company group structure - See the group structure that the company is attached to

  • Owner structure - Who are the owners of the company and how much do they control

  • Money Laundering Register - Is the business in an industry with higher risk of being the victim of money laundering

Example of a company on a sanction list and with an occurrence in legal documents

When doing our risk evaluation, we look for the following parameters/risk indicators:

  • The company status: Is the company active and registered with for instance F-skatt?

  • Industry: Does the company operate in a high-risk industry?

  • Legal occurrence: Does the company or any of its representatives occur in legal documents?

  • Sanction lists: Does the company or any of its representatives occur on a sanction list?

  • Owner structure: Does the company have a complex owner structure?

As for now, this service is available for Swedish companies in Roaring Web. But stay tuned and make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get to know more about future plans and features.

Otherwise, feel free to contact us on our chat with questions or by sending us an email to [email protected]

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